Brand creator and emotion generator

From idea generation to production, marketing, distribution and representation, at Entourage, we showcase unique ideas and brands. More than a producer, we offer our artists and partners a convergent service to propel their brand even further.

Our background

Entourage was founded in 2007 by current president Eric Young. In addition to managing artists, it produces shows and events, as well as cultural or advertising content, all of which stand out for their artistic direction and commercial development potential. Whether through performances, TV shows, movies, advertising, books, songs or consumer goods related to our brands, we enjoy making our audiences or clients feel a host of emotions and sensations.

Initially a show production and talent management company, Entourage has diversified over the years, adding several strings to its bow with the creation of new divisions: Television, Manufacturing, Media, Publishing and Music. This significant growth and diversification let us offer a unique service and position ourselves as a leader in Quebec’s cultural sector.

Today, Entourage has more than 40 permanent employees and relies on more than 100 freelancers. Committed to keeping its family values as it expanded, it’s strength lies in its diverse and loyal team, which has a wide range of expertise.

Entourage and its group of companies also work in the French-speaking world, developing stage and television projects in production or co-production.


Our mission

We invest a maximum of effort and funds in all our areas of activity, to give our artists, clients, broadcasters, programmers and business partners the best possible service. We always aim for the highest objectives by creating strong brands supported by deployment plans unique to each project.

To ensure the best possible synergy, all the services we offer our productions, artists and partners are carried out in-house, whether strategic planning, ad creation and placement, press relations, social media management or, depending on the type of project, distribution and/or dissemination. We are involved from start to finish so as not to leave anything to chance.


Our philosophy

While it is important to have good ideas, one must know how to put them into action. We are not afraid to take risks, and if we need to finance a project in whole or in part to make it happen, that is what we do. It is probably this self-assurance and calculated risk-taking that makes our artists, partners and artisans so loyal.


Our services

  • Talent management and representation
  • Creation, production, marketing, distribution and dissemination of shows
  • Management and programming of corporate, private or festival-type events and shows
  • Creation, production and distribution of televisual and cinematographic content
  • Advertisement creation, production and strategic placement
  • Creation and production of consumer goods
  • Branding
  • Book publishing and marketing
  • Communications
  • Press relations
  • Community management
  • Production, publishing and marketing of musical titles

Our divisions


A leader in the production of shows in Quebec for several years now, with the most performances and most tickets sold, we are always on the lookout for ideas that will help our shows stand out. Our recent stage productions include one-man (or woman) shows by Messmer, Dominic Paquet, P-A Méthot, Peter MacLeod, Mariana Mazza, Alain Choquette, Guy Nantel, Mario Tessier and more.

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TV and film

Idea generation, development, production and distribution of TV shows, webcasts and feature films. We seek to entertain, surprise, touch and/or educate a variety of audiences, and make them laugh. Our most recent productions include Big Brother Célébrité, Rue King, Van Lab, Maria, L’expérience Messmer and La magie des stars.

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Idea generation, production and marketing of various consumer goods related to our cultural content and trademarks. For some of these, synergistic and optimal commercial operation is possible. Comedian and host Peter MacLeod is the best example, with our popular agri-food products and accessories offered under the Pete Authentique brand.


Publishing (or co-publishing) and marketing books that touch readers or make them laugh or think. Among other works, we published the first political essay by popular comedian Guy Nantel, which went on to become a double bestseller.

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Artistic direction, production and publishing of authentic projects. Although this division’s activities have been reduced in recent years, our catalogue remains active. We produced the albums of Sally Folk, Annie Villeneuve, Boom Desjardins and Les Respectables, among others.

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Management or representation of multidisciplinary artists from all walks of life. More than a talent management agency, we promote, strategically plan and manage the careers of our artists-partners to help them become better known and enjoy ongoing success. We manage the careers of Mariana Mazza, Messmer, Dominic Paquet, Peter MacLeod and Ludivine Reding, among others.

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Media agency

Media agency that stands out for its creativity and development of effective, targeted communication and advertising strategies. We create, produce and manage the content and ad placement of our own products and services, as well as for partners and their brands. Cross-promoting with our projects and/or artists helps our external partners reduce their costs and avoid having to use intermediaries while maximizing the commercial results of their advertising campaigns.

Events and festivals

Our agency sells artistic performances for all types of events and festivals, in addition to organizing major special events. When you call on our team, we use our expertise to bring your ideas to life, helping you create memorable events that suit your budget and reality. We have something for everyone! We work with many artists, including magician, host and speaker Alain Choquette.

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